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HOURS:                                                 16 – 20 hours per week

All days considered (will include enhanced access hours)


Job Summary:

The purpose of the role is to:


  • Deliver phlebotomy services and care to the practice population
  • Work collaboratively with the general practice team to meet the needs of patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures
  • Facilitate effective communication between patients, members the primary health care team, secondary care and other associated healthcare agencies


In addition, the post holder will be encouraged and supported to undertake any training required to ensure appropriate role development.


Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities to be undertaken by members of the nursing team are varied and will differ from time to time under the direction of the Lead Clinical Practitioner / Partners / Practice Manager, dependent on current and evolving Practice workload and staffing levels:


  • To collect blood samples from patients as per practice policy
  • To select the most appropriate equipment and method of venepuncture, based on clinical assessment of the patient
  • To identify the correct patient against the blood request form
  • To ensure full explanation is given to the patient prior to performing the task
  • To provide assistance to all patients experiencing difficulties during and following procedures (e.g., patients feeling dizzy, sick or faint)
  • To be familiar with all Standard Venesection Procedures, including control of infection (e.g., needle stick injury, disposal of sharps, blood borne viruses, using disposable gloves and tourniquets)
  • To ensure 100% compliance with Infection Control and Hand Hygiene Policy at all times
  • To maintain competence in Phlebotomy skills and the appropriate equipment, being aware of own limitations and seeking advice when required
  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the vein and surrounding tissues
  • To recognise complications and contraindications of venepuncture
  • To understand the full range of blood tests and their required sample tubes
  • To competently complete sample bottles, forms and any other documentation required by the practice



  • In the course of seeking treatment, patients entrust us with, or allow us to gather, sensitive information in relation to their health and other matters. They do so in confidence and have the right to expect that staff will respect their privacy and act appropriately
  • In the performance of the duties outlined in this Job Description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to patients and their carers, Practice staff and other healthcare workers. They may also have access to information relating to the Practice as a business organisation. All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential
  • Information relating to patients, carers, colleagues, other healthcare workers or the business of the Practice may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with the Practice policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal and sensitive data


Health & Safety:

The post-holder will assist in promoting and maintaining their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in the Practice Health & Safety Policy, to include:


  • Using personal security systems within the workplace according to Practice guidelines
  • Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks
  • Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills
  • Using appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining work areas in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards
  • Reporting potential risks identified


Equality and Diversity:

The post-holder will support the equality, diversity and rights of patients, carers and colleagues, to include:


  • Acting in a way that recognises the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with Practice procedures and policies, and current legislation
  • Respecting the privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues
  • Behaving in a manner which is welcoming to and of the individual, is non-judgmental and respects their circumstances, feelings, priorities and rights


Personal/Professional Development:

 The post-holder will participate in any training programme implemented by the Practice as part of this employment, such training to include:


  • Participation in an annual individual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development
  • Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others who are undertaking similar work



The post-holder will strive to maintain quality within the Practice, and will:


  • Alert other team members to issues of quality and risk
  • Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision
  • Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by reflecting on own and team activities and making suggestions on ways to improve and enhance the team’s performance
  • Work effectively with individuals in other agencies to meet patients’ needs
  • Effectively manage own time, workload and resources



The post holder should recognise the importance of effective communication within the team and will strive to:


  • Communicate effectively with other team members
  • Communicate effectively with patients and carers
  • Recognise people’s needs for alternative methods of communication and respond accordingly


Contribution to the Implementation of Services:


The post-holder will:


  • Apply Practice policies, standards and guidance
  • Discuss with other members of the team how the policies, standards and guidelines will affect own work
  • Participate in audit where appropriate


Closing Date: Sunday 9 April 2023 (11:59pm).  Final interviews are scheduled to be held w/c 10 April 2023.


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